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November 8, 2012
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Literature / Characters & Settings / Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Profiles
Name: Kenichi Kurosaki

Nickname(s): Ken, Kenny, Fire Fox.
Age: 18

Sex: Male

Sexual Preference: Straight

Species: Substitute Shinigami/Hollow/Human

Race: 1/2 Shinigami (Mother), 1/2 Japanese (Father).

Family: (Mother) Rukia Kuchiki , (Father) Ichigo Kurosaki.

Birthday: 6 of November

Status in Soul Society: Captain of squad 5
-Height- 6"05 foot
-Weight- 156 pounds
-Eyes- a bright violet (turn red when in Bankai)


Kenichi's hair is jet black and has a rather messy look to it as if he just woke up. It is still spiky given its rather long length. His eyes are a bright violet. He is quite tall for his age, ranging around six foot five inches and always seems to have a certain rigidness to his walk as if ready for battle at any moment. When Kenichi rarely smiles it is a rather nice sight to see, but exactly the opposite when he has his mouth in a straight line and eyes set to glare, one that could freeze hell over twice.

Kenich has altered his shinigami uniform as both a symbol of pride and to show that he is not afraid to "fight." His captains coat is torn at the bottom and the sleeves of both his coat and hakama have been ripped off due to hinderance. What skin that is being shown around his chest where the hakama should be is half wrapped in medical bandages  but not going past his waist to add a little edge in a fight. His hands from the palm, up to the elbow are also wrapped in medical bandages. On his left jaw he has a scar that seems to attract the eyes of others that see it. Only Kenichi know's where i'ts from but tells no one.


Kencihi is a genuinely loud and funny person when around his friends or people he enjoys greatly, but when around strangers it's a whole other story. He tends to put up a wall and block the person from getting to know him , whether it be by ignoring them, being quiet, or being plain rude. In the world of the living Kenichi lives with a roommate Roza Velize (she secretly likes him) who demands a high upkeep. Due to that, he has a full time job outside of the soul society. Working at a small candy shop on the weekends that is always overcrowded and busy, the job usually has good pay. (A.K.A Urahara's shop)

If anyone is reckless, gets hurt, or is stupid Kenichi will get worried but he'll cover it up with anger or annoyance. No matter the situation, Kenichi will not cry, seeing it as a weakness. He'll bottle it up inside and the sadness will eventually turn into anger and he'll explode at one point or another, usually during training or arguments with his hollow or zanpakto. When in battle, Kenichi's attitude is somewhat bored and rude to his opponent, but if the opponent is strong, the atmosphere gets rather serious/ entertaining. Since Kencihi has little respect for higher ups what so ever, exept for Genryusia Yamamoto, he doesn't listen to any Captain at all, not doing any paper work or things they'll tell him to do. If someone Kenichi knows is hurt severely or even a small bit, Kenichi will stay beside them no matter what and do whatever they ask, even if it's the most ridiculous request. If Kenichi sees you are sad, he'll sit by you and not bother you, but try to relax and look at the senary, occasionally cracking some jokes to try and make the mood better.

Major quirks/mannerisms:

-Is always looking for a new pair of glasses to get, but never gets one
-Tells the cheesiest, lamest jokes
-Has a short attention span
-Often talks out loud to his hollow and zanpacto, causing him to get strange looks
-When he is tired, he will usually find a spot on a random roof.
-He is a lightweight when it comes to drinking
-Love playing the guitar
-Lazy when it comes to paper work
-Is a fan of Don Kanonji
-Learned kido from his mother
-Favorite character is the seaweed ambassador.
Speech mannerisms:

-Often swears or cusses someone out
-The angrier he gets, the deeper his voice gets
-He often snickers or laughs at inappropriate times
-Occasionally replies to his hollows remarks out loud
-Likes to randomly quote movies he has seen or passages from his favorite book



He has quick strikes and dodges his opponent just as fast. He has been described as the flash-step prince ( he can never out step yoroichi)

Excellent Zanjutsu:

When Kenichi train's, he usually does with his Zanpaktou, seeming to handle her with great ease and power

Sensing reatsu:
He is very much like his dad when it comes to spiritual pressure except he can do some kido
Hollow: Oni-Kitsue

The way Kenichi gained his hollow was through birth. For some reason he hates being called a hollow and prefers Oni, more like forces, people to call him. Due to Kenichi's allowing Oni to have some freedom in his inner world, Oni likes to continuously bother Kenichi's Zanpakto Kitsune Joho. They get into constant fights, more so verbal, causing them to sound like an old married couple. Oni is a deadly male hollow who looks almost identical to Kenichi, only he wears a white fox mask. His eyes are a sick pale orange-ish yellow that are always in a thoughtful an evil plan brewing look.

Zanpakuto: Kitsune Joho (Fox Queen)

Type:  Physical/Fire

Zanpakutou Spirit:

Kitsune Joho  is a wolf sized fox. She has white fur with red parts that go around her body that look like paint. Her eyes are cherry red. Set in them is the same devious/intelegent look as Kenichi's. In between the two, she is more level headed. Kitsune Joho  is a very kind zanpaktou, although she is equipped with a quick tongue for when she needs it. She always comforts Kenichi in times of need and struggle, always acting maternal. Kitsune Joho usually resides under tree's in Kenichi's   inner world, usually thinking, planing strageties or napping. Her attitude toward work is similar to her master's.

Humanized Form:

Kitsune Joho's  human form is a white skinned woman with long silky white hair that spikes in two places like fox ears. Kitsune Joho usually wears a fox mask to hide her true face. Her eyes are the same, only a little more wide and soft. She has the same red  mark between her eyes and the markings all over her body, looking like tattoos. Her teeth are slightly pointed, along with a long silky tail. Her clothing is a two part outfit. It is a simple kimono to cover her breasts. Her bottoms is a short skirt that shows most of her legs.


A large katana that has a red handle with a golden hilt.

Command: "Slay by my side Kitsune Joho"

Shikai: Kenichi's sword is usually in this form as to save reatsu

Kenichi will quickly unsheath his sword and pull it out barely just a bit, saying "Slay by my side Kitsune Joho" which will release his Shikai, sending a huge gust of power out, blowing anyone near a bit backwards. When everyone finally gets back to their wits, Kenichi's sword has transformed into a enormouse  blade, a red jagged blade resembling a fang with a large hilt, which he can use as either like a shield, blocking on coming attacks or swinging it around like a regilar sword.

Hollow Abilities:

Occasionally Kenichi's hollow will break through, when this happens his zapaktou will split into two. The two blades become opposites one black the other white. " Curse all that I see Oni-Kitsue" is the command and with this Kenichi goes blind but can sense everything perfectly. The white blade can absorb attacks and the black blade returns the attack doing this changes the color of the attack to black and white (like turning senbon sakura from pink to black and white)

Bankai: Un-kown

Reiatsu color: Dark red

Inner world:

Rei's inner world is a large open forrest with constant calm, warm winds caressing anyone around. In the forrest is a large tree where Kitsune Joho is constantly residing. The world seems to react to how Kenichi's mood is, for example, if he's angry the temprature will sky rocket. When he's sad the air will get colder and there will seem to be no warmth. When Kenichi is content, everything is sunny and nice.


Kenichi grew up in a good home with a loving mother and father. They cared for him dearly and always tried to teach him about the best things in life. His mother was an excellent artist(so she says) and would give him lessons. Kenichi loved both his parents and treasured them close to him. But unfortunately on Kenichi 10th birthday he had discovered he was half shinigami. It was a severe shock to him and after wards he ran away from home to some how wind up inside the Seretei. At the Kuchiki manner to be more specific where he spent the next few months training with his uncle, Byakuya Kuchiki. After he  had mastered his zanpaktou Kenichi went home to find his house had been destroyed by hollows. Luckily for him his parents were safe. He lives to this day between the world of the living and the seretei.

"God made trees, God made sunshine, God made me, and then God made you... well we all make mistakes." (To his best friend Grimmjow)

"Will you two just shut up!!!" (To Kitsune Joho and Tora)

"You touch her one more damn time, I will kill you." (To Hollow who is attacking his girlfreind)

"Why do I always get stuck with the icky jobs?" (To Rogue Shinigami)

"So that's why Mom's obsessed with Chappy."(To Ichigo)
Here's a little profile thing for my OC Kenichi. I still need to make his Bankai.
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